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Journal Articles

2018 - Present
67 H. Wang, Z. Liu, D. M. Shin, Z. G. Chen, Y. Cho, Y. -J. Kim, and A. Han
Single-Cell Compressibility Quantification or Assessing Metastatic Potential of Cancer Cells
Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, accepted (2018)
(also included in the Virtual Special Issue: Current Reviews in Algal Research)
66 Y. Liu, J. Tan, W. Choi, J. –H. Hsu, D. S. Han, A. Han, A. Abdel-Wahab, C. Yu
Influence of Nanoparticle Inclusions on the Performance of Reverse Osmosis Membranes
Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology, Vol. 4 (3), pp. 411-420 (2018)
65 H. S. Kim, T. P. Devarenne, and A. Han
Microfluidic Systems for Microalgal Biotechnology: A Review
Algal Research, Vol. 30, pp. 149-161 (2018)
(also included in the Virtual Special Issue: Current Reviews in Algal Research)
64 S. H. Jeong, S. Kim, J. Buonocore, J. Park, C. J. Welsh, J. Li, and A. Han
A Three-Dimensional (3D) Arrayed Microfluidic Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) Model with Integrated Electrical Sensor Array
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Vol. 62 (2), pp. 431-439 (2018)
(Highlighted as Feature Article in the February issue)
63 H. S. Kim, S. –C. Hsu, S. –I. Han, H. R. Thapa, A. R. Guzman, D. R. Browne, M. Tatli, T. P. Devarenne, D. B. Stern, and A. Han
A High-Throughput Droplet Microfluidics Screening Platform for Selecting Fast Growing and High Lipid Producing Microalgae from a Mutant Library
Plant Direct, Vol. 1 (3), pp. 1-13 (2017)
62 S. Han, H. Kim, and A. Han
In-Droplet Cell Concentration using Dielectrophoresis
Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Vol. 97, pp. 41-45 (2017)
61 H. Wang*, N. Sobahi*, and A. Han (*these authors contributed equally)
Impedance Spectroscopy-based Cell/Particle Position Detection in Microfluidic Systems
Lab on a Chip, Vol. 17, pp. 1264-1269 (2017)
60 H. S. Kim*, S. C. Waqued*, D. T. Nodurft, T. P. Devarenne, V. V. Yakovlev, and A. Han (*these authors contributed equally)
Raman Spectroscopy Compatible PDMS Droplet Microfluidic Culture and Analysis Platform towards On-Chip Lipidomics
Analyst, Vol. 142, pp. 1054-1060 (2017)
59 H. J. Chun, S. Waqued, H. R. Thapa, A. Han, V. Yakovlev, J. Laane, and T. P. Devarenne
Raman Spectra and DFT Calculation for Tetraterpene Hydrocarbons from the L Race of the Green Microalga Botryococcus Braunii
J. Molecular Structure, Vol. 1129, pp. 216-221 (2017)
58 H. S. Kim, S. Jeong, C. Koo, A. Han, and J. Park
A Microchip for High-Throughput Axon Growth Drug Screening
Micromachines, Vol. 7 (7), 114 (2016)
57 H. S. Kim, A. R. Guzman, H. R. Thapa, T. P. Devarenne, and A. Han
A Droplet Microfluidics Platform for Rapid Microalgal Growth and Oil Production Analysis
Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Vol. 113 (8), pp. 1691-1701 (2016). Published as Front Cover.
56 G. Yang, C. Erbay, S. Yi, P. de Figueiredo, R. Sadr, *A. Han, and *C. Yu (*co-corresponding authors)
Bifunctional Nano-Sponges Serving as Non-Precious Metal Catalysts and Self-Standing Cathodes for High Performance Fuel Cell Applications
Nano Energy, Vol. 22, pp. 607-614 (2016)
55 J. Dai, H. S. Kim, A. R. Guzman, W. -B. Shim, and A. Han
A Large-scale On-Chip Droplet Incubation Chamber Enables Equal Microbial Culture Time
RSC Advances, Vol. 6, pp. 20516-20519 (2016)
54 Z. Liu, Y. -J. Kim, H. Wang, and A. Han
Effects of Fluid Medium Flow and Spatial Temperature Varation on Acoustophoretic Motion of Microparticles in Microfluidic Channels
Journal of the Acoustic Society of America (JASA), Vol. 139 (1), pp. 332-349 (2016)
53 A. R. Guzman, H. S. Kim, P. de Figueiredo, and A. Han
A Three-dimensional Electrode for Highly Efficient Electrocoalescence-based Droplet Merging
Biomedical Microdevices, Vol. 17, pp. 1-9 (2015)
52 S. Carreon-Bautista, C. Erbay, A. Han, and E. Sanchez-Sinencio
An Inductorless DC-DC Converter for an Energy Aware Power Management Unit Aimed at Microbial Fuel Cell Arrays
Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics, Vol. 3 (4), pp. 1109-1121 (2015)
51 C. Erbay, G. Yang, P. de Figueiredo, R. Sadr, C. Yu, and A. Han
Three-dimensional Porous Carbon Nanotube Sponges for High-Performance Anodes of Microbial Fuel Cells
Journal of Power Sources, Vo. 298, pp. 177-183 (2015)
50 C. Koo, B. E. Lawrence, M. Kelley, H. E. McQuilken, G. H. Huff, and A. Han
Manipulating Liquid Metal Droplets in Microfluidic Channels with Minimized Skin Residues towards Tunable RF Applications
Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, Vol. 24 (4), pp. 1069-1076 (2015)
49 H. Kim, T. P. Devarenne, and A. Han
A High-Throughput Microfluidic Single-Cell Screening Platform Capable of Selective Cell Extraction
Lab on a Chip, Vol. 15, pp. 2467-2475 (2015)
48 S. Carreon-Bautista, C. Erbay, A. Han, and E. Sanchez-Sinencio
Power Management System with Integrated Maximum Power Extraction Algorithm for Microbial Fuel Cells
IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, Vol. 30 (1), pp. 262-272 (2015)
47 C. Erbay, X. Pu, W. Choi, M. -J. Choi, Y. Ryu, H. Hou, F. Lin, P. de Figueiredo, C. Yu, and A. Han
Control of Geometrical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Electrodes towards High-Performance Microbial Fuel Cells
Journal of Power Sources,Vol. 280, pp. 347-354 (2015)
46 C. Erbay, S. Carreon-Bautista, E. Sanchez-Sinencio, and A. Han
High Performance Monolithic Power Management System with Dynamic Maximum Power Point Tracking for Microbial Fuel Cells
Environmental Science & Technology, Vol. 48, pp. 13992-13999 (2014)
45 S. Kim, J. Park, A. Han, and J. Li
Microfluidic Systems for Axonal Growth and Regeneration Research
Neural Regeneration Research, Vol. 9 (19), pp. 1703-1705 (2014). Published as Front Cover.
44 H. Wang, J. Kim. A. Jayaraman, and A. Han
Microfluidic Geometric Metering-based Multi-Reagent Mixture Generator for Robust Live Cell Screening Array
Biomedical Microdevices, Vol. 16, pp. 887-896 (2014)
43 R. Fei, H. Hou, D. Munoz-Pinto, A. Han, M. S. Hahn, and M. A. Grunlan
Thermoresponsive Double Network Micropillared Hydrogels for Controlled Cell Release
Macromolecular Bioscience, Vol. 14, pp. 1346-1352 (2014)
42 C. Ban, J. Park, D. -Y. Jang, and A. Han
Liquid-phase Capillary Etching of Poly(dimethyl siloxane) Microchannels with Tetra-n-butylammonium Fluoride
J. Microelectromechanical Systems (JMEMS), Vol. 23 (2), pp. 276-283 (2014)
41 H. S. Kim, T. L. Weiss, H. R. Thapa, T. P. Devarenne, and A. Han
A Microfluidic Photobioreactor Array Demonstrating High-Throughput Screening for Microalgal Oil Production
Lab on a Chip, Vol. 14 (8), pp. 1379-1482 (2014). Published as Front Cover. Selected as an Lab on a Chip HOT Article.
40 H.Wang, Z.Liu, C. Koo, S. Kim, Y. Cho, D. -Y. Jang, Y. -J. Kim, and A. Han
Microfluidic Acoustophoretic Force Based Low Concentration Oil Separation and Detection from Environment
Lab on a Chip, Vol. 14, pp. 947-956 (2014)
39 C. Koo, R. F. Godley, M. P. McDougall, S. M. Wright, and A. Han
Microfluidic Cryo-Cooled Spiral Microcoil with Inductive Coupling for MR Microscopy
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Vol. 61 (1), pp. 76-84 (2014)
38 J. Park, S. Kim, S. I. Park, Y. Choe, J. Li, and A. Han
A Microchip for Quantitative Analysis of CNS Axon Growth under Localized Biomolecular Treatmenst
J. Neuroscience Methods, Vol. 221, pp. 166-174 (2014)
37 C. Koo, M. Malapi-Wight, H. S. Kim, O. S. Cifci, V. L. Vaughn-Diaz, B. Ma, S. Kim, H. Abdel-Raziq, K. Ong, Y. -K. Jo, D. C. Gross, W. -B. Shim, and A. Han
Development of a Real-Time Microchip PCR System for Portable Plant Disease Diagnosis
PLoS ONE, Vol. 8 (12), e82704, (2013)
36 M. Kelley, C. Koo, H. McQuilken, B. Lawrence, S. Li, A. Han, and G. Huff
Frequency Reconfigurable Patch Antenna Using Liquid Metal as a Switching Mechanism
Electronics Letters, Vol. 49 (22), pp. 1370-1371 (2013)
35 J. Park, J. Wu, M. Polymenis, and A. Han
Microchemostat Array with Small-Volume Fraction Replenishment for Steady-State Microbial Culture
Lab on a Chip, Vol. 13, pp. 4217-4224 (2013)
34 Y. Park, C. Koo, H. -Y. Chen, A. Han, and D. H. Son
Ratiometric Temperature Imaging Using Environment-Insensitive Luminescence of Mn-Doped Core/Shell Nanocrystals
Nanoscale, Vol. 5, pp. 4944-4950 (2013).
33 *W. Longsine-Parker, *H. Wang, C. Koo, J. Kim, B. J. Kim, A. Jayaraman, and A. Han
Microfluidic Electrosonoporation: A Multi-Modal Cell Poration Methodology through Simultaneous Application of Electric Field and Ultrasonic Wave
Lab on a Chip, Vol. 13, pp. 2144-2152 (2013). (*These authors contributed qually as co-first authors)
32 A. Han, H. Hou, L. Li, H. S. Kim, and P. de Figueiredo
Microfabricated Devices in Microbial Bioenergy
Trends in Biotechnology, Vol. 31 (4), pp. 225-232 (2013).
31 H. Hou, X. Chen, A. W. Thomas,C. Catania, N. D. Kirchhofer, L. E. Garner, A. Han, and G. C. Bazan
Conjugated Oligoelectrolytes Increase Power Generation in E. coli Microbial Fuel Cells
Advanced Materials, Vol. 25 (11), pp. 1593-1597 (2013).
30 H. Hou, L. Li, C. U. Ceylan, A. Haynes, J. Cope, H. H. Wilkinson, C. Erbay, P. de Figueiredo, and A. Han
A Microfluidic Microbial Fuel Cell Array that Supports Long-Term Multiplexed Analyses of Electricigens
Lab on a Chip, Vol. 12 (20), pp. 4151-4159 (2012)
29 J. Park, H. Koito, J. Li, and A. Han
Multi-Compartment Neuron-Glia Co-Culture Platform for Localized CNS Axon-Glia Interaction Study
Lab on a Chip, Vol. 12, 3296-3304 (2012)
28 J. Kim, D. Taylor, N. Agrawal, H. Kim, H. Wang, A. Han, K. Rege, and A. Jayaraman
A Programmable Microfluidic Cell Array for Combinatorial Drug Screening
Lab on a Chip, Vol. 12, 1813-1822 (2012)
27 W. Longsine-Parker and A. Han
Laser Stenciling: A Low-Cost High-Resolution CO2 Laser Micromachining Method
J. Micromechanics and Microengineering, Vol. 22, 015006 (9pp) (2012)
(*Selected to be included in IOP Select (
26 C. Koo, R. F. Godley, J. Park, M. P. McDougall, S. M. Wright, and A. Han
A Magnetic (MR) Resonance Microscopy System using a Microfluidically Cryo-Cooled Planar Coil
Lab on a Chip, Vol. 11 (13), 2197-2203 (2011)
25 K. I. McConnell, J. H. Slater, A. Han, J. L. West, and J. Suh
Microcontact Printing for Co-Patterning of Cells and Viruses for Spatially Controlled Substrate-Mediated Gene Delivery
Soft Matter, Vol. 7, 4993-5001 (2011)
24 H. Hou, L. Li, P. de Figueiredo, and A. Han
Air-Cathode Microbial Fuel Cell Array: A Device for Identifying and Characterizing Electrochemically Active Microbes
Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Vol. 26 (5), 2680-2684 (2011)
23 B. J. Parmer, W. Longsine, E. P. Sabonghy, A. Han, E. Tasciotti, B. K. Weiner, M. Ferrari, and R. Righetti
Characterization of Controlled Bone Defects using 2D and 3D Ultrasound Imaging Techniques
Physic in Medicine and Biology, Vol. 55, 4839-4859 (2010)
22 Y. H. Cho, J. Park, H. Park, X. Cheng, B. J. Kim, and A. Han
Fabrication of high-aspect-ratio polymer nanochannels using a novel Si nanoimprint mold and solvent assisted sealing
Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, Vol. 9, 163-170 (2010)
21 H. Hou, Y. Hou, M. A. Grunlan, D. J. Munoz-Pinto, M. S. Hahn, and A. Han
Micropatterning of Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (PNIPAAm) Hydrogels: Effect on Thermosensitivity, Surface Properties, and Cell-Release Behavior
Sensors and Materials, Vol. 22 (3), 109-120 (2010)
20 J. Park, J. Li, and A. Han
Micro-macro Hybrid Soft-lithography Master (MMHSM) Fabrication for Lab-on-a-Chip Applications
Biomedical Microdevices, Vol. 12, 345-351 (2010)
19 *H. C. Kim, *J. Park, Y. Cho, H. Park, A. Han, and X. Cheng
Lateral-flow particle filtration and separation with multilayer microfluidic channels
J. Vacuum Science and Technology B, Vol. 27 (6), 3115-3119 (2009) (*These authors contributed qually as co-first authors)
18 J. Park, H. Koito, J. Li, and A. Han
Microfluidic Compartmentalized Co-culture Platform for CNS Axon Meylination Research
Biomedical Microdevices, Vol. 11, 1145-1153 (2009)
17 H. Hou, W. Kim, M. Grunlan, and A. Han
A Thermoresponsive Hydrogel Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Micropatterning Method using Microfluidic Techniques
J. Micromechanics and Microengineering, Vol. 19, 127001 (2009)
16 J. Park, H. Koito, J. Li, and A. Han
A Multi-Compartment CNS Neuron-Glia Co-Culture Microfluidic Platform
J. Visualized Experiments, Vol. 31, (2009)
15 Y. H. Cho, H. Kim, A. B. Frazier, Z. Chen, D. M. Shin, and A. Han
Whole-Cell Impedance Analysis for Highly and Poorly Metastatic Cancer Cells
J. Microelectromechanical Systems, Vol. 18 (4), pp. 808-817 (2009)
14 H. Hou, L. Li, Y. Cho, P. de Figueiredo, and A. Han
Microfabricated Microbial Fuel Cell Arrays Reveal Electrochemically Active Microbes
PLoS ONE, Vol. 4(8), e6570 (2009)
13 J. Park, H. S. Kim, and A. Han
Micropatterning of Poly(dimethylsiloxane) using a Photoresist Lift-off Technique for Selective Electrical Insulation of Microelectrode Arrays
J. Micromechanics and Microengineering, Vol. 19, 065016 (2009)
2008 and prior
12 Y. Hou, A. R. Matthews, A. M. Smitherman, A. S. Bulick, M. S. Hahn, H. Hou, A. Han, and M. A. Grunlan
Thermoresponsive Nanocomposite Hydrogels with Cell-Releasing Behavior
Biomaterials, Vol. 29, 3175-3184 (2008)
11 A. Han, L. Yang, and A. B. Frazier
Quantification of the Heterogeneity in Breast Cancer Cell Lines using Whole Cell Impedance Spectroscopy
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Ion Channel Characterization using Single Cell Impedance Spectroscopy
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2 D. E. Starkey, A. Han, J. J. Bao, C. H. Ahn, K. R. Wehmeyer, M. C. Prenger, H. B. Halsall, and W. R. Heineman
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1 B.W. Kim, A. Han, S. W. Lee, D. Cho, H. J. Lee, K. H. Cho
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